Accredited Online Business Degrees

A business degree is one of the most flexible degrees you can pursue. Every imaginable industry requires people who are competent enough to handle business facets such as accounting, administration and management. The non-profit sector, technology firms, law firms, small businesses, healthcare facilities and even schools all require individuals with knowledge in business. It is also noteworthy that with the difficult economic times, a person with a business degree is not limited to finding an income in just one field. As a result of this versatility the business degree is the most in demand degree, for undergraduates and graduates alike. Sifting through information on accredited online business degrees is, admittedly no easy task. However, the right information will ensure that you find the online business degree that is most suitable for your career needs.

The Benefits of an Accredited Online Business Degree

Like the brick and mortar business schools, graduates with an online business degree can earn a substantial income in their field. More and more employers are becoming aware of the fact that quality online business degrees are just as favorable as the ones from traditional business schools. In fact, graduates of online business schools, like their on-campus counterparts, can earn as much as $32,000 to over $90,000 with just bachelors degrees. Graduates with masters degrees obtained online can also earn as much as $73,000 to $168,000. However, remember that the level of earning is also influenced by factors such as the level of experience a person has.

Accredited online business degrees also allow you to manage your time according to your lifestyle and other activities you may be engaged in. Thus, you not only learn at your own pace, but you also obtain critical employability skills like time management, critical thinking, organization, and discipline. All in all: an online business degree is suitable for all types of students including stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, and employees, as well as full time students.

Types of Accredited Online Business Degrees

Business as a branch of study has very many categories and specializations. The areas one might focus on largely depend on their career preferences and goals. Online business degrees are formulated in such a way that a student focuses on those areas that he or she really wants to pursue. Also, these degrees come in different types characterized by the intensity and learning duration required by the curriculum.

A bachelor’s degree in business is one of the most well-known business degrees in the country. Most people looking for accredited online business degrees usually apply for a bachelor’s degree, and many employers also find that applicants with a bachelor’s degree in business as the most favorable to hire. Similar to a traditional bachelors business degree, the online business degree takes up to 4 years to complete. The entire program entails general areas of study such as business law, leadership, basic management, and business ethics. Typical areas of specialization for this degree include finance, accounting, business administration, marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Online business degrees can also incorporate master’s degrees. Typically, middle management business executives and entrepreneurs take up this type of online degree. An online master’s degree is flexible for professionals, executives, and administrators who are already working and would like to enhance their careers. In fact these professionals can expect to work in higher paying positions after obtaining this degree.

Accredited Online Business Degree Criteria

When choosing an accredited online business degree it is important to note that there are some schools that specialize in online education only. On the other hand, there are traditional schools that have developed online programs to complement generally orthodox business programs. Either of these options is desirable as long as there is proof that the business degree program is accredited. With an accredited business degree program, you ensure that your degree is credible and can be recognized across all industries. You will also be able to access federal funding to assist with tuition. The U.S. Department of Education has a list of all the schools that have received accreditation by a recognized accrediting agency. A sample of these includes DeVry University, Ellis College, and the University of Phoenix.

It’s generally advisable to check the ranking of the school when sifting through information on accredited online business degrees. Additionally, expect an accredited online business program to provide you with easy and reliable access to supervisors and professors. You should also have access to interact with other students on the program.