Accredited Online Computer Science Degree

Though computer science is a relatively new field, its roots can be traced back to early times. During the Victorian era, designer Charles Babbage designed an analytical engine, for which  writer Ada Lovelace wrote a comprehensive manual. She is credited with being the world’s first programmer for this work.

In the 1950s and 60s, computing’s potential began to be recognized as more than a technology to crunch numbers. During this time computer science became established as a formal discipline and continued to grow quite rapidly thereafter. England’s University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory offered the world’s first computer science degree program in 1953, known then as the Cambridge Diploma in Computer Science. The first computer science degree to be offered in the U.S was from Purdue University in 1962.

Computer science is the study of the foundational principals of computation and information. With the substantial development of computing technologies in the latter half of the 20th century, computers have infiltrated cultural lifestyles in many ways and, in many cases, have become a daily necessity. For those who plan to work in a technical field, obtaining an education that organically leads to a computer science degree could be a fulfilling option both personally and professionally. The computing technology fields are expected to continue to grow at an incredible rate through at least 2014, creating a demand for exceptional computer science professionals

Finding an Accredited Online Computer Science School

An accredited computer science degree program is one that has been approved by a recognized accreditation body, such as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). These accreditation bodies measure computer science programs against a set of rigorous standards to make sure that each student will learn all they need to be viable in their chosen field. Also, many colleges and universities will not accept transfer credits if they come from an unaccredited program. Enrolling with an accredited online computer science program is key to obtaining a high-quality computer science education, especially when so many online schools offer sub-par degree programs.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University was ranked one of the top five online schools on the Online Education Database website, a database of accredited online degree programs. They offer a BSc in Business Administration (BSBA) with a concentration in Information Technology, as well as a BSc in Information Technology (BSIT) degree program with concentrations in Data Management, Network Management, Software Application, Security, Programming, and Software Systems Engineering. While the BSBA offers a more well-rounded education in Information Technology as applied in the business world, the BSIT program allows students to concentrate on specific areas of Information Technology, opening employment opportunities in various niche technical fields of work.

Their Masters of Science Computer Science (MSCS) programs include Computer Systems Security, Database Systems, Systems Engineering, Database Systems, and Software Engineering. Their MSIT programs span Data Management Technology, Network Management, and Security Management.

They also offer three Doctoral Computer Science programs: The Doctor of Computer Science, and the Doctor of Computer Science with concentrations in Digital Systems Security, Emerging Media, and Enterprise Information Systems. There is also an Executive Format and Residencies program, which allows doctoral students to engage in a high-level of interactivity with their fellow students as well as to meet face-to-face with students and instructors twice a year in Colorado — to participate in workshops, hear live speakers, and engage in constructive and helpful discussion with their peers and instructors.

National University

National U ranked number one on the Online Education Database rankings. They teach in a unique one-course-per-month format, which offers more flexibility than the traditional semester system. The National University Department of Computer Science, Information, and Media Systems offers a BSc in Computer Science. There is also an option to minor in Computer Science. For those wishing to move towards to the MSc Computer Science program, there is a transitional period that allows a student to take two MSc level programs during their Bachelor’s tenure. In addition to traditional degree programs, National U’s two certificate programs are also worth noting: The Undergraduate Certificate in Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exploration, and the Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology Management.

The reasons are clear for earning an online computer science degree from an accredited program. In today’s fast-paced world, many online universities have answered the demand for a flexible education solution that allows them to schedule school and study time around their busy lives. Online computer science education from an accredited program offers flexibility without sacrificing quality. Successfully completed, such a program will not only display an aptitude for science and math topics, but also demonstrates determination, self-motivation, and drive.