Accredited Online Psychology Degree

Psychology involves the study of the mind and human behavior. The extensive study, research, and development of the field over time has led to groundbreaking successes, especially in things like the societal tolerance of persons living with mental illnesses. People living with once-debilitating diseases like epilepsy can now attend special schools and use pharmaceutical regimens that help them live stable lifestyles.

The psychological discipline finds application in a variety of professional branches like criminology, education, counseling, childcare, and many others. Learning psychology opens doors to essentially unlimited career opportunities, and the world of information technology and the age of the internet have now made it possible to attend long distance education programs from anywhere on Earth with a connection to the web.


Information About Online Psychology Degree Accreditation

According to the American Psychological Association, there are certain features to which all online psychology degrees should adhere. These include accreditation of the instructing institution, student and faculty support, learning resources, and standardized assessment tests. Accreditation ensures that the general Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) has approved the institution’s psychology programs, and this approval is definitely vital: it ensures that the degree you obtain will be acceptable to the general employment community. When looking for an online psychology course, it’s generally prudent to browse through the CHEA’s database for a listing of accredited institutions.

Pursuing an online course is advantageous for reasons associated with, among other things, accessibility. Enrollment often demands uninterrupted access to the Internet during the periods when a lesson is taken, and some programs are certainly more rigorous than others. Some may allow a student to log in and out of their lessons at their own accord, while others might force a student to log attendance in real-time classes held by professors. The fact that such a spectrum exists means that you can choose exactly what you need – perhaps you prefer stringent guidelines to keep you motivated, or maybe you’re more of a self-learner. You have options, so research them carefully to make an optimal choice. Don’t settle for less than what you need.


Psychological Specialties at Accredited Schools

The Bachelor’s degree is earned after four years of full time study in psychology. It paves the way for a student to begin practice as a psychologist, though in many states licensure is required for more advanced work. Postgraduate degrees are mandatory for psychologists and counselors interested in educating others on a professional level.

  • Educational Psychology

These programs nurture students for a career in the field of education. The work of an educational psychologist mostly involves carrying out tests and writing reports for students who need special education. These professionals also make recommendations for improvement of facilities in special schools, as well as for the law that guards them. Qualifications include a six-year training program in psychology and a master’s degree.

  • Clinical Psychology

This relates to the treatment of persons living with mental disabilities. A person who specializes in clinical psychology may either practice the same in a mental institution or teach it in an institution of higher learning. Clinical psychologists are often involved in social research, and may publish studies and findings on various phenomena that occur as a result of psychological undercurrents.

  • Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and family therapy involves counseling member of families in a productive way that improves their relationships. Often, married couples that have difficulties in marriage seek the assistant of these marriage and family psychologists. Careers in this field typically require a master’s degree.

  • Counseling Psychologists

These psychologists professionally approach the day-to-day activities of specific individuals to improve their lifestyles and amend personal problems in a useful way. Specifically, these professionals different significantly from their clinical psychology counterparts in that they do not work in mental institutions or focus on treating mental illness.

Institutions Offering Accredited Online Psychology Programs

  • Argosy University’s College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences online curriculum prepares students for BA in clinical, counseling, forensic, and industrial/organizational psychology. Its programs are wide, engaging, and diverse.
  • Ashford University offers MSc in Psychology and Criminal Investigation. It incorporates the use of modern digital materials in its curricula.
  • University of Phoenix offers an online doctorate degree in clinical psychology. The curriculum offers a program that incorporates both theory and practice. Through constant revision of programs, the curriculum is kept up-to-date with modern practice in psychology.